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Price (of Audio Push) - "CLRD" (Album Stream) | @BOWprice


Today, rising red-hot Inland Empire, CA rapper, hitmaking songwriter/producer and half of lyrical rap duo Audio Push, PRICE unleashes his highly anticipated debut solo album titled “CLRD” via Heads Music/CLRD Ent.  The album follows his recent singles ‘MUFASA’ which was featured on Apple Music’s The New LA playlist and 'MAYA' that was declared one of the “13 Best New Hip Hop Songs of the Week” last week by XXL and just added to Spotify's coveted Most Necessary, Mellow Bars, and AlternaRap playlists. 

PRICE has written and produced for Travis Scott [Antidote, Piss on Your Grave, Way Back, Outside, Wasted], Mariah Carey, Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye West, Brandy for her 2020 hit album ‘B7’, Hitboy, Lucky Daye, and many others. PRICE made his first foray into solo artistry this summer with his and Pink Sweats hit single “Cadillac Drive” off the season four soundtrack of smash HBO series Insecure.

PRICE and Boi 1Da handle production on CLRD while Kota The Friend and Candice Boyd guest feature on the eight-track project. He is also now signed to Wyclef Jean's label home Heads Music. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the project, PRICE says, “CLRD is a celebration of Black joy in a time of unrest and actually is a project I began recording before the pandemic. From our music to our food, families and homies, I’m telling a story that will give my people something to be inspired by during these times where we can be killed by the police or even choked and killed by each other. CLRD is celebrating the everyday things that allow us to persevere, survive and thrive despite adversity. The recent headlines display more than ever that growing up and living African American in this country can suck on occasion, but there’s a lot of beauty in that struggle. Hip hop came out of that struggle, our fashions and inventions that shape culture and society came out of that struggle even with every label we’ve been given, including colored. The labels have never mattered because we always shine through despite it all. I'm teaching the youth and my fans to embrace that on this project. Some of us grew up eating hot sauce on everything, having to lap it up in the Cadillac and sleep on pallets with all our cousins, but it was the shit. We had fun. I found my love for music being stuck in households with 10 people in a 2-bedroom house. I learned who I am and found what’s true to me. This is the music people are getting, and listeners will feel that on each track.” 

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