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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Money Bagz - "I AINT PERFECT" | @Money_Bagz

Money Bagz - "I AINT PERFECT" /
Money Gang Militia CEO, Money Bagz releases his new anticipated hip-hop single entitled "I Aint Perfect" produced by Jethale Beats. Money Bagz brings back the 90's feel of hip-hop, with a mix of retrospective lyrics over a dope soulful beat and tells you about the mistakes in life he's made which doesn't make him perfect! Check it out & share with others!

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 instagram: @BakerManBagz

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nyeb Beezy - "Black Hippy" | @NyeBeezy @MTMovieStar

Nyeb Beezy - "Black Hippy" /
NEW Music from Nye B "Black Hippy" off his upcoming Golden Era mixtape dropping Next Week. Nye Beezy is from from Newark New Jersey and has been grinding since he was young influenced by his Cousins music and all the Different flows the music industry had to offer. His new single Black Hippy means motivation he recorded it after getting inspired by the Rap Game and for all of the big dogs overlooking a young artist.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Aaron LaCrate - "Dope on the Tables" | @Milkcratenyc @MTMovieStar

Aaron LaCrate - "Dope on the Tables" /
If you've seen one mixtape you've seen them all. There's a mixtape for every new artist who thinks he or she is the shit. There's a mixtape for every artist who is between albums and wants to hype you up for their next release. There's a mixtape for artists who are betweens label who are trying to get some buzz and a new deal. The funniest thing about all of this shit is that we still call them "mixtapes" even though these days most of them are coming out online and dont involve any mixing or cassette tapes.

 Needless to say I was skeptical of DJ Aaron LaCrate's claim that he was "Dope on the Tables." How many times have I seen or heard it before? What can Aaron LaCrate do that hasn't been done before? Nothing really. Then again just because every word in the english language has been used a million times doesn't stop people from finding new ways to combine them from fresh raps to full length novels. So to be clear at the start the concept of LaCrate's "Dope on the Tables" is that it's his own personal "old school" mix complete with double-ups, beat blends, and the occasional (but for a mixtape DJ not too excessive) self-recognizing drops.

LaCrate impressed me right off the bat though by blending an acapella of Wu-Tang Clan's "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" with Eric B. & Rakim's instrumetanl for "Juice." Either song is dope on it's own, but LaCrate matched the BPM's up sweet and created a monster out of the two. Finishing the song off by going back to Rakim's original vocals and then gradually merging it into Big Daddy Kane's live "Wrath of Kane" definitely set the proper tone. I was convinced that LaCrate was not only smart with his song selection but serious about his mixtape craft.

I'm not going to sell you on LaCrate as the greatest thing since sliced bread though. As a matter of fact there are so many mixtapes coming out these days (seems like a dozen a week) that it's possible there are three things doper than "Dope on the Tables" that came out this week I don't even know shit about. But still I gotta give LaCrate props for doing his thang with style and cojones. Yes it takes cojones to put a pop rapper like Young MC and a militant hip-hop activist like Professor X back to back in a mix, but the two exist in a state of vangloriousness together in this selector's milk crates. If you're around my age this album will remind you of the music you grew up with that made you fall in love with hip-hop in the first place. Schoolly D's "Saturday Night," Chubb Rock's "Ya Bad Chubbs," Kool G. Rap's "Erase Racism" and MC Breed's "Ain't No Future in Ya Frontin'" are just a few of the many choice songs in the rotation. These days it's hard to find any mixtape worth listening to from start to finish without skipping over tracks, but "Dope on the Tables" takes me back to the days when the only people running shit were Kid Capri and Ron G. Look for this one.

Finally a real life mixtape. Thank you @Milkcratenyc

Friday, May 8, 2015

M.Reck - East NY's Finest (EPK) | @MReckGM @MTMovieStar

M.Reck - East NY's Finest (EPK)
M.Reck (@MReckGM) lets everyone know what we can expect for his upcoming solo album "Respect My Handle" and a upcoming EP with his new female artist Chyna Black as well as some information on his upcoming movie set in East New York that will be Featured on NetFlix.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

AR-AB fights through Bootcamp Despite Concealing a Handicap | @AssaultRifleAB @MTMovieStar

AR-AB fights through Bootcamp Despite Concealing a Handicap / www.hiphopondeck.con
Ar-Ab tells Mikey T The Movie Star due to getting shot 13 times he is Legally Handicap he goes into detail about his medical condition while serving out his sentence in a Boot Camp program that lightened his sentence by two years releasing him in 2014.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

AR-AB speaks on Hitting the Trap After His Mother Died + Getting Shot 13 Times | @AssaultRifleAB @MTMovieStar

AR-AB speaks on Hitting the Trap After His Mother Died + Getting Shot 13 Times /
AR-AB speaks on Hitting the Trap After His Mother Died + Getting Shot 13 Times
AR-AB speaks with Mikey T The Movie Star about the meaning behind his new mixtape "Mud Muzik" Explaing its "Music Under Distress" he takes examples from his life that he's put into rhyme on his 1st release since he was released from prison.

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 source: Mikey T The Movie Star

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Plaga - "The Plaga Story" Dropping 5/26/15 | @thePlagaShow

Plaga - "The Plaga Story" Dropping 5/26/15 /
Plaga Album "The Plaga Story" Will Be In Stores 5.26.15 Same Day As Plaga's Birthday
Plaga - "The Plaga Story" Dropping 5/26/15 /
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