Monday, August 29, 2016

Dbo - "Cool Whip"

Some outsiders jokingly call this Midwest town "Nap town," but currently incarcerated rapper Dbo is nothing to sleep on. With a new perspective on life after being incarcerated on and off for several years, this talent caught the eye of Bone, CEO of BONEafied MGMT, and Asst Manager for Houston legend Bun B. Now BONE is taking Dbo under his wing for a new venture to get this highly talented act a listen amongst the industry elite. Speaking from his jail phone, Dbo explained that he's getting a great response inside and out of the jail house for his new song "Reign." "Once I do get out hopefully it will be a bigger situation. It's working out better than I thought it could and I'm blessed that everything is going on and its gotten more of a response than I thought that I could ever reach," Dbo said of his song "Reign." "In here its kind of crazy because I never realized I had this many fans period. In here they know me as the guy that does "that song" and so I'm thanking God for the blessings he's given me," Dbo said. "I'm on a day to day fast, 7-7 and I'm listening to radio and I call out to my family and make sure everyone is alright. I just have to stay strong right now." With all of the systemic challenges for young Black youth, Dbo has remained positive about keeping his eye on the prize. "Ain't no money like new money, its an atmosphere and vibe and you've put in a lot of work to make sure you can enjoy what you are doing in life" Dbo explained. "Really just its new money forever, ain't no money like new money, the rock star family is what I'm going by so that's what I'm sticking with."

Black Buffet - “Memoirs Of A Hustler”

Taking that unique perspective of life and the music game, Portsmouth, VA rapper Black Buffet has a seemingly wise perspective beyond his years of how to navigate life. Inspired to rap by the disappointment of Hip-Hop on the radio and feeling like he could do better himself, Black Buffet started taking music more seriously in 2015, but has been active since his early teens.
“I’ve been in and out of studio since I was 13 working on ASR 10’s and Korg Tritons, so I was really starting to write songs and produce at an early age,” Black Buffet explained. “In February of 2015 I released Plugs & Pistols because I was tired of hearing what they were doing on the radio. My uncle always told me if you don’t like something, don’t complain be about it, fix it and do something, so I released my project.”
When asked about what’s lacking in the game and what he’s adding, Black Buffet explained that his music was for the average man and is written and produced as a guide to others.
“You can either take from the ‘Memoirs of a Hustler,’ and learn how to make a lot of money, or you can take the blueprint for how you can fuck your whole life up. Whatever you want to do in life, there is something that you can take from this project and you can use it in your day to day living,”
The blueprint seems to be working for Black Buffet as this young talent recently garnered airplay on iHeartRadio and was invited to visit Kay Slay’s Sirius XM Radio show. Currently Black Buffet is working on the release of his project Plugs & Pistols 2. The first single from the project is called “Memoirs of a Hustler” and features the accompanying visual below:

Friday, August 26, 2016

#NewVideo Mr. Smith aka Bo$$ Money - Automatic | @ThugLoveEntBOSS

Mr Smith aka BO$$ Money was born in Greenwood, South Carolina. He was raised in Lauren's County, upstate South Carolina then moved to Columbia, South Carolina after the passing of his mother. Mr Smith made a name for himself during his school years, he was introduced to recording by his long time "Dj"  friend. This is when the Mr Smith aka BO$$ Money era began to take off. 

Its been a hot summer for Mr Smith, he's been making appearances and performing all over. June 1st Mr Smith had a release party for his hot new single "So Good" ft Diamond x Crime Mob @ Bliss Ultra Lounge (Charlotte, NC). Then Mr Smith ripped the stage live @ the Premier Bar "So Good Saturday" (Blythwood, SC). The next day he killed it @ Nu Jacks Bar "Tap Out Sunday" (Atlanta, Ga). Mr Smith has been making promo run's all the way through August even opening up for Ying Yang Twins @ Indulgence! 

Saturday, September 3rd Mr Smith will be the Featured artist @ the annual Coast 2 Coast Music Conference, Miami Beach, Fla.

Make sure you hit up Google and checkout some of Mr Smith's past projects!

2006: True Words LP

2008: Too Grown For Da Game LP

2009: Real Street Music vol. 1

2010: Ghetto Riches LP (hosted by Sucker Proof DJ's)

2011: Thug Love Boyz 1 and 2

2012: "Da Living Truth" a 4 song EP distributed by Universal CMG records. SC Crank Up mixtape with DJ Lpeeezy 

2013: #ConnectingDaDots compilation project with DJ Lpeezy 

2014: "Rates" single release with Natalac of Natalac Records. 

2015: "Real Ones" Single release 

2016: "Automatic" Video featured on TheSource.com16orbetter.comand many other outlets


Contact and/or Booking Info

Phone: (866) 831-0471
Twitter: @ThugLoveEntBOSS
IG: @ThugLoveEntBOSS

New Video! Vhee Riv- Let You Know @vheeriv

Vhee Riv drops the visual for "Let You Know" which is the 2nd single from her new album coming in September "Zero Defects".

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Music- Lord D'Andre $mith "ZELDA" @Dre_Xiii

What's up? Today I would like to share with you a brand new track from a very talented up-and-coming Hip Hop artist named Lord D'Andre $mith; a 19 year old Independent rapper/producer from the small town of Dublin, GA. Today, Lord D'Andre $mith just released a dope single entitled, "Zelda" (Produced by Pavor Nocturnu$). This track is the first single off of Lord D'Andre's upcoming solo project, "Oh Lord," which is a mixtape set to be released on 10/13/16 via SoundCloud, Spinrilla, and other platforms.. A previous version of this track was recently released on Spinrilla by DJ Cinemax, however the official audio for the single has now surfaced. If you have never heard of Lord D'Andre $mith, this track is sure to make you remember the name. Check out "ZELDA" below.
For booking/more info, contact: Follow Lord D'Andre $mith on Instagram/Twitter: @Dre_Xiii Like Lord D'Andre $mith on Facebook:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sonny Bo - "We Ballin"

While some people think that San Diego is all palm trees and sunny skies, the background ofSonny Bo is quite different. Despite his cool nature and positive vibes Sonny Bo grew up in a rough area of San Diego where he had no choice but to find a way out. Relying on a background in music after his older brother was in a relatively popular group out in SD, Sonny Bo knew that music was his ticket out of his area.

But Sonny Bo always had his own name and that started when he was getting teased on in the streets as a young kid.  

"In the hood a lot of names start off as as a diss, my Aunties would call me Sonny, so then they would tease me and call me Sonny, then it was Sonny Bono.  I'm from an area called the bottom, so they started calling me Sonny Bo short for Sonny Bottom.  There's a lot of people from my hood with the Bo on their name so I had to embrace the negative and turn it into positive."

The name Sonny Bo stuck and since then he's sound his way gaining some notoriety after a few street friendly mixtape tapes got going in his hometown. Most recently Sonny Bo switched up his style on mixtapes to be more inclusive of females and people outside his hood, incorporating more pop sensibilities in his music. 

"I describe my music as an evolution, because I went from making real street music to making music from the ladies and stuff that is more in touch with the feelings," Sonny Bo explained.  "I sampled a lot of pop artists before they were big and added some street stuff to it for a tape. We don't do anything cheesy, but we add a street edge to the pop side and that party stuff that people can enjoy and vibe to."

Showing his versatility Sonny Bo is back on his street music and he's dropping a visual for "We Ballin"  which was filmed in his hood at the cross streets of Los Soneto and Springford. 

"I had to get the street stuff out the way with the new visual, the previous five videos have been melodic and the visuals feature me with women in hotel rooms, but as far as a West Coast artist, people can't take you serious if you aren't good in the hood. My turf still love me even though I don't just make music for them. I'm really trill like the video shows, but I'm still a cool dude," Sonny Bo explained. 

"If you have a choice you shouldn't be doing this at all.  I don't promote gang banging, but for a lot of people there is no choice. Things are a lot different than the 80's, there's a lot of artists that are from different neighborhoods even thought they didn't grow up there.  But now even though people are dying and they are still shooting, the beef is different. I do music with the crip dudes and they are like my family, so the beef people have is more personal as opposed to over colors. I was born into this so I can't put it away."

Red McFly - Running Through The Six (Remix)

Red McFly flips Drakes song in a return after a brief hiatus to focus on production. Some of the artists we've seen record vocals on his hard hitting and soulful beats include Chinx, French Montana, Shyne, Peedi Crakk, Kanye West, Tony Sunshin, Lil Flip and more. Now he said he's ready to finish setting his mark as a dope artist as well as a producer. His next mixtape to drop is "Beat Jacking In The Delorean 2" with DJ BIg Mike and DJ Get It Rite and is almost complete and ready to drop. Today he released "Running Thru The Six One O" an ode to his hometown Allentown, PA (610) Over Drakes Instrumental which will also be on his mixtape.
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