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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yung Nilo ft. Mi$tro - "Ratchet" {Prod. By G Money} @YungNilo @TheRealMistro

Yung Nilo brings us the premiere of his new record "Ratchet" with a feature from Mi$tro. On top of hard-hitting production courtesy of G-Money, Yung Nilo & Mi$tro tell us all about the "Ratchet" activities they encounter all the time. This club-ready record is just the start of Yung Nilo's campaign as he gears up to bring us more material that sounds great. Give the new track a listen here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mass ft. Black Zheep DZ - "All That I Know" Video {Dir. By Nathan R. Smith} @Mass757 @BlackZheepDZ @VERYRVRE
Mass Featuring Black Zheep DZ "All That I Know" Directed By Nathan R. Smith, Track Produced By VERYRVRE

Monday, January 26, 2015

#Video: Miz MAF - "Act Right" {Dir. By @4everChion} @MizMAF @StreetSpittas

In the clip for the Philly MC's latest banger, he drops words of wisdom for the younger generation to abide by, and he also provides a visual that was inspired by one of Ice Cube's most iconic music videos.

About a month and a half after unveiling the video for "That White" featuring fellow Philadelphia rapper Freeway, Miz MAF returns with his latest banger, “Act Right.” Throughout the hypnotic track, produced by Mello Dee Beats, Double M uses his energetic pinpoint flow to masterfully emphasize the message of coming correct in the streets.

The MC accomplishes that with sharp, direct, and fairly-repetitive lines that'll stay on the brain for days, like with the rhyme, "When you out there doin' your thing, you better make sure you're true to the game / 'Cause when you're out there fuckin' the game up, the game gonna fuck up your name." As a product, and veteran, of the streets, Miz MAF feels its his responsibility to pass along these gems of knowledge. "It's a play on conscience, [like] just act right when you out here living life," he says. "I took some of my everyday real life scenarios and played 'em out in [an] open-ended form, like if people [were] me or were in these situations, what would you do? You better act right!"

He continues, "I'm from the streets, so I had to inspire the people the only way I knew how -- through what I've been through in the streets." In the video above, Miz MAF is in the streets of Philadelphia, and later a recording studio, performing the song, all while visually telling a story of young gangsters making fraudulent and deceptive deals, which later comes back to haunt them. Also, there is a man standing outside a convenience store holding cardboard signs which read "WILL RAP FOR LIKES," thus adding a clever and sly incorporation of Facebook, and perhaps on a deeper level, real life, acceptance.

Truth be told, the idea for the treatment was sparked by a trio of 90s west coast hip-hop artists. "The actual visual concept came from Ice Cube's video 'True To The Game,' in which all day he [was] going around trunking people who [were] being frauds and not true," Miz MAF explains. "Also, I mixed in a lil' bit of Dr. Dre and Snoop's video for "Dre Day," [as] both [their video and Ice Cube's] had an 'exposing the fake' feel to it, which is what my song calls for."

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#Mixtape : Styme - "Maestro" | @THEREALSTYME

"Styme", a rapper staight from DC, who is known for his party music.  Songs like "Right Now" and "Living The Life"

If you haven't started listening to Styme, he is definitely an artist you need to check out, and start playing at your parties!

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#Video | August Alsina fights backstage | @AugustAlsina

At a non-violence concert, R&B singer August Alsina got into a backstage brawl

The "I Love It" Artist isnt all about the love songs and the ladies, he shows the street side of himself , having been raised in New Orleans.

Check out video below :

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rican Bull - "Ride Alone" Video {Dir. By @ChopMosley} @RicanBull
After being shot 9 times "Rican Bull" returns with a soulful and meaningful new video titled "Ride Alone" shot by Chop Mosley For more information on "Rican Bull" follow him on Instagram : @RicanBull or

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

EndaStory - "Shoot The Club" | @EndaStory @Sappa_Gang

This song is dedicated to any and everyone in a serious relationship. If you and your loved one are contemplating taking it to the next level. This is for you. LOVE, the key component to life is the one missing ingredient in today's music. Here's one of many tricks up EndaStory's sleeve to restore the LOVE. #SappasOnARiiise !

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