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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sincere Show Drops " She Want The Streets" Music video | @SincereShow

When it comes to the streets in Los Angeles, few people know them like Sincere Show. The Chicago born emcee has been the kingpin of Los Angeles night life for too many years to count. He’s been hosting clubs, turning up after hour functions and popping bottles with everyone from Rihanna and The Game, to Drake, Chris Brown, Meek Millz, Future & more. A who’s who of A-List celebs come to him cuz he’s guaranteed to get it lit.

Now he’s took all that game and put it into his craft. Sincere’s new video for “She Wants The Streets” takes it straight from the trunk of a lambo to the inside of the Ace Of Diamonds strip club while he lets the bands blow. It’s a direct look into the life of a self made hustler, and an explanation of exactly why your shorty’s so fascinated with the streets.

Sincere's got another video dropping next month with OT Genesis. Be on the look out for that.

You can find Sincere Show on twitter & instagram @SincereShow.

Monday, May 2, 2016

@VboyJr is a con artist NOT a producer. Industry beware aka DarthQassim

This man goes by the name DarthQaasim.  Recently we received information that he is also a wannabe producer who is actually a thief and of the worse kind. He pretends to be a producer but there is no music in sight other than a lack luster music video and song he made almost 2 years ago.

The industry especially media and well known celebs need to steer clear of this man. It's being reported he conned a woman out of cash and services.  He also approached a media site trying to get said woman exposed.  This man is dangerous. He does not care about his victims. Only what he can gain. Hide your kids, hide you wallets and if you meed DarthQaasim his motive is to use you for your connections and also steal money from you every chance he gets.

This industry is hard enough on up and coming industry professionals let alone other artist without these types of snakes lurking in the grass waiting to con you. These people are like pedophiles. Sociopaths.

Facebook personality Chilli69Palmer lends a hand up to his fans

If you've ever been on Facebook these days you probably recognize the face of Brian Pruitt a.k.a. chili69Palmer his videos reach millions upon millions every week and his reaction videos are unique and always fine to watch as his facial expression and silent commentary make for an hilarious experience for viewers of all ages and backgrounds!
Chilli has some exciting news for his viewers and fans. he wants to give you a voice! He's partnered up with fellow Facebooker Porscha Thomas on a collaboration page called "Kicking it with Chilli and Porscha"
"I'm constantly looking for other ways to get my fans involved in comedy be it sharing up and coming comedy videos from other facebook comedians, networking by doing sketch comedy with others and doing a weekly Ask Chilli Q & A where I answer questions from my fans via video.

I also have a talent page on Facebook that I co-own with my friend Porscha Thomas called "Kickin It With Chilli and Porscha."  We set the page up so that we can give other entertainers a platform where they can post their videos to. So if you have a talent, and it can be any talent (singing, poetry, art, comedy) we want to get you involved so that we can share your talents to the masses.   I'm also in the beginning stages of turning Chilli69Palmer into an animated series that will be huge but it will take alot of work. Thats a long term goal that will totally catch everyone off guard."
Chilli also told us that he is in the pre- production stages for a cartoon series!  Be sure to follow Chilli69Palmer on all his social media at Chilli69Palmer

Photo Credit Illhams Drawings

Rambo ft. @JoshG___ - "Hate Me" Prod. By @NatraAverage} @MikeWild_Rambo

Rambo "Hate Me' Featuring Josh G Produced By Natra Average

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Twee-ze 's "Who Cares" Mixtape strikes a chord with music lovers | @tweezedoitez

Recently featured in Rude Boy Magazine Twee-ze native of North Carolina is making waves in the Internet atmosphere with his deep lyrical and genius like flow on his latest project who cares which has proven to be a favorite the sound cloud platform with over 14k plays on an extremely well
produced track OBE "Out of body experience"

Twee-ze is said to be influenced by Heavy D and James Brown with a little bit of a Tribe Called Quest so it's no surprise the whole Mixtape is laced with conscious yet playful and inspiring lyrics that make you think over beats that could have you dancing in the club. 

Check out the Track OBE's visual below and be sure to follow Twee-ze on social media Twitter: @tweezedoitez
Facebook: @tweezakatweeze
Facebook: @evidenceofgenius
Soundcloud: @tweeze-aka-twee-ze

Garci release new video "Digits" Freestyle Shot by FamBoy! | @ApeGangGARCI

Garci release new video "Digits" Freestyle Shot by FamBoy! Watch out for his upcoming album #KingOfTheStreets. 1st Single “Free El Chapo” available on Mymixtapez & Soundcloud. Look got for Free El Chapo part 2 with special feature, as well as upcoming singles ft Beanie Sigel, Fat Trel, and More. 

Hip Hop On Deck Presents "Self Destruction" | @HipHopOnDeckcom @B2BRealRapsTv Presents Self Destruction Featuring Lihtz Kamraz, Mpee, Na Nittles, McVeigh, Delaware's Gutta, Boogie Digites, Big Ohh, Gillie Da Kid and Curtis Star.

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