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Lxst - "Myself" | @Lxst_t


Emo-trap’s newest breakout artist Lxst, releases his latest single “Myself” via PIVTL Projects. The reflective track is the culmination of Lxst’s unwavering confidence meeting his pursuit of self-reliance. While providing signature vocals over the booming alternative hip-hop beat, the Arizona-based MC touches heavy topics such as trust issues, self-medicating, and the yearning to acquire material items before reaching the conclusion that he’ll get what he wants in life by taking action… not waiting for handouts. 

In Lxst’s own words: “I think I hit a point in my life after all of the struggles I went through, where I knew it was up to me to create my own destiny.  I heard so much talk around me but none of the talks was taking me anywhere.  I needed to start taking my music career seriously which required more action and less talk. I did that.  And now I’m proud to be where I am.”

“Myself” follows Lxst’s breakout single “Exhausted,” which has gained momentum since it’s July 2019 release. It’s racked up over 7 million worldwide streams while finding its way on to some of Spotify’s top playlists like  In My Feelings and It’s Lit. The artist has seen a healthy 140% increase in his monthly listeners since January, putting him in a prime position for breakout success this year. 

This summer, Lxst is due to release a currently untitled project, via PIVTL Projects, an EP which includes “Myself” as well as a track called “Worked Hard” featuring the work of Grammy-nominated producer, Tay Keith (Drake, Travis Scott). The video for “Myself” is also on the release slate set for June 2nd, 2020. 

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