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Mor.bookings Agency launches new mixtape series called “C2C” (City 2 City)

Powered by Mor.bookings Agency Featuring Kertasy, Joethepoet, Devine, Kennie Dubb, O’captain, N3llz, David H and many more

Mor.bookings Agency is an event planning and talent agency based in NYC, giving musicians all across the globe career advancing opportunities. The purpose of the C2C mixtape series is to help market emerging artist, strategically placing and promoting their music on streaming platforms. It’s about that time to refresh your playlist people. The next hottest artist featured on this mixtape just may be from your city! Keep your ears to the streets.

Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/city-2-city-mixtape-vol-1/pl.u-b3b8VGesy8Y97bM

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/zbvf322fgjldlz0hscks85hf5/playlist/3iUjC6Rhcw9USyxq0Gi4Xr?si=gdU-Q0F_RdyG25hg7e7uvQ

Instagram x Twitter @Mor.bookings

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