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Jesse "Punch" Edwards Talks Marketing For 740 Project | @ItsPunch @740Project 

It's no secret if you've been following music industry trends that marketing company 740 Project has been behind this. Today, we speak with the founder of this company, Jesse "Punch" Edwards to discuss marketing, trends and how to sustain in general in this ever so changing music industry.

Q: What has been your company's success so far?
A: I think it's really an understanding of the cultural climate. The music culture is so ever changing, it's imperative you stay up on all trends and shifts in the business.

Q: How did you get your start?
A: I started working with a blog called "Meet Tha Dealer". Over time the blog became fairly popular and from there I transitioned into what is now known as "digital marketing".

Q: How did you end up with your first job and where was it?
A: I'm from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ironically I ended up running into someone from the same city as I am, who just so happened to be a digital marketer at Def Jam. Randomly he called me one day and asked "what are you doing with your life? And would you like to intern, and the rest was history.

Q. And where did you end up working?
A. Def Jam obviously haha. Well actually I worked there for all of 3 months and then I was let go. My first official job was at Motown Records.

Q. What year was this?
A. 2010.

Q. What advice do you give to today's aspiring Digital Marketers?
A. Stay forward thinking, study all the trends and have a vast understanding of all cultural nuances. And as my former mentor stressed to me.."you MUST always have the swag." Haha

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