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Donn Jones - Classy Woman

Donn Jones – Classy Woman

Donn Jones’ new single praises black women from all walks of life
ATLANTA, GA – Donnavon Jones (known by his stage name, Donn Jones) is an American singer, songwriter, engineer and producer. Refusing to be confined to one genre, Donn has been releasing tracks in a diverse range of styles since 2013. His latest single, “Classy Woman” is a mixture of R&B and Hip Hop featuring an R&B hook and scorching Rap/R&B style verse with a different cadence. Recorded at Patchwerk Recording Studios in Atlanta and produced by Smokzart Deucey, “Classy Woman” is an ode to women of color.
A shout out to black women with different life experiences, the single acknowledges all classy women – teachers, someone pursuing a degree, women in a sorority or in the hood, working at a corporate job or as bartenders. “Whatever it is that they’re doing,” said Donn, “they can still be considered a classy woman. They should feel classy about themselves, and should be looked at as a classy woman.”
Feeling that this was a good time to bring out this type of song, Donn took inspiration from black women in general, like his mother, sister, and friends, who don’t really get much recognition for the things that they are doing. Compared to his smooth and soothing R&B type ballads, “Classy Woman” still has an R&B feel with a more upbeat tempo, a different sound, a different vibe and a more exciting feel.
Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Donn has pursued his dream of becoming a rapper since he was 13. While stationed in Korea in 2006, he realized his singing talent then honed his skills by singing in various choirs, open mic and talent showcases, and leading Praise and Worship. 
To introduce himself as an artist, he released his first mixtape “Songs of My Life” in April 2013, expressing his life through songs. A year later, Donn released his debut album “Soul of a Man.” In March 2017, Donn released “Pain, Love, & Passion,” featuring a great blend of vintage R&B and new-age Soul, followed by “Shaking The Sheets” in October 2017. In the summer of 2018, Donn released a reggae track with perfect Caribbean and club vibes called “Move That Body.” And in April 2019, he released a sultry R&B single, “Leave With Me”. Donn’s music is widely available on all digital platforms.
A certified audio engineer based in Atlanta for the past four years, Donn is the founder and part owner of Donn Jones Music Group, LLC which provides musical services ranging from singing to producing and sound engineering. He has worked as the sound engineer for events, bands, churches, and venues. He also has studio recording and post-recording mixing expertise and an impressive list of engineering credits (Snoop Dogg, Ceelo Green, V Boseman, BJ The Chicago Kid, Organized Noize, Corey Finesse, PeeWee Longway, and more). Working as a sound engineer has helped tremendously with Donn’s own music career. Training to identify the way things are meant to sound has given him a broader ear, helped him with pitch and tone, and made him more open and creative with different sounds and melodies.
Donn’s experience also includes the film industry. In 2012, Donn made his film debut, appearing in the independent film “No Weapon Shall Prosper.” He was also part of the post-production team for the 2018 Mann Robinson Production independent film, “Turnt,” featuring Jamal Woolard and Torrei Hart.
He spent 12 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force before becoming a full time audio engineer and knows where all of his gifts, talents, and opportunities come from.  He never forgets to give all the glory to God for his successes.
His nex major project is a single titled “Cool Lil Thotty” which he describes as “different and unpredictable.” Everything he’s putting out is something totally unique, interesting and unexpected … but it’s HOT. Donn advises his listeners to “get ready for the ride – it’s about to be a journey!” 
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