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DaMarcus Wilkins - She Knows My Weakness

DaMarcus Wilkins – She Knows My Weakness

Soulful R&B artist DaMarcus Wilkins 
drops hot new club track ‘She Knows My Weakness’
ORLANDO, FL – It’s been quite a journey for Orlando-based artist DaMarcus Wilkins. In the early 2000s, he was a young artist making a name for himself under the moniker D’Ville. He was signed to a record label, had created some modest hits and was even opening for people like Jagged Edge, Carl Thomas, The Game, Lloyd and 50 Cent. But when his manager passed away unexpectedly and the industry started to become a burden, DaMarcus decided to take a step back from being a front man and instead focused his time and energy on learning everything there is to know about the production side of the recording process.
In the years since, DaMarcus has developed a unique sound and style that is truly original. He has become a master at making beats and his vocals have evolved from the bar-spitting rapper of his youth to the silky smooth R&B artist of today. His most recent single, “She Knows My Weakness,” is the perfect example of the maturity now found in his music. Fusing elements of R&B, Dance, Reggae and Latin Vibes, the song examines the many ways that women can knock men off their game. 
“It’s a sexy club song about how sometimes a man’s weakness is women,” DaMarcus said. “Like if you’re out at the club and you see a lady dancing and the way she dances really catches your attention and you really dig the way she looks, next thing you know it’s all you can think about. It’s basically going off that vibe in a way that any guy will be able to relate to.”
Born and raised in Danville, Illinois, DaMarcus originally got his start in music by singing in his family’s church choir. He soon learned that his gift was broader than simply knowing how to sing, and he quickly learned how to play pretty much any instrument he picked up. He learned guitar and saxophone just by playing it by ear, and other instruments fell in line after that. That love for music eventually led him to pen his own lyrics, and the rest is history. As he has developed his unique sound and style over the past few years, the artist he keeps coming back to for inspiration is the R&B singer Tank. In similar ways to that artist, DaMarcus said he brings soulfulness to his R&B that lends an extra layer of connection with an audience.
“At the end of the day, I just want my music to be known for being real genuine, heartfelt music,” he said. “You can dance to it sometimes. Or sometimes it’s just a groove. You know, I want to be the artist who keeps you engaged while you’re driving down the street, or the artist you throw on because you just need to hear that special song. I want to move people from ages 18 all the way up to 60s. Anybody could hear my music and like it – Black, White, Chinese, Spanish … everybody.”
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“She Knows My Weakness”

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