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AYO ^ - Came For

Scorching new single “Came For” by AYO^ heats up the summer 
WASHINGTON DC – With his brand new single, AYO^ treats listeners to music that is perfect for the sizzling season. “Came For” is a sexy, chill dancehall jam, flavored with Caribbean and R&B tones characterized by a tropical feel and a distinctive summer vibe. Although the song was recorded at The Kitchen DMV in Burtonsville, Maryland last fall, AYO^ held off releasing the single until the July 4th holiday. He felt confident that it was the best time to drop “Came For” because of its unmistakable summer sound. 
Drawing on feelings that he has experienced himself, AYO^ sings about the moment you walk into a function – you see the girl and the two of you automatically click. There’s a feeling that she was waiting just for you, emphasized by the line “I’m who you came here for.” It seems like the moment was just waiting to happen.
He started making beats himself two years ago. Listening to popular songs, he knew he could also write popular music. AYO^ said “I knew how to make the beats, so why not just put words to it?” AYO^ describes the songwriting process for “Came For” as similar to experiences with most of his music. Song ideas suddenly fly into his head from out of nowhere after hearing the perfect instrumental while fishing for beats. Then, he goes straight into the studio the very next day – he hates to sit on ideas.
AYO^ is making music because he loves seeing people happy, which comes as little surprise when you hear what he’s bringing. He strives to put smiles on people’s faces when they hear his music. He put smiles on faces recently when the crowd went crazy during his performance at a packed basement release party in Maryland.
“Came For” is his first Dancehall / Caribbean style piece. Whether composing R&B/Hip Hop music or delivering Dancehall creations, AYO^ has many different genres he likes to touch on. His varied taste stems from his upbringing. Born in the US and of Nigerian descent, AYO^ would hear Nigerian and American music almost simultaneously every day while growing up. Driving AYO^ to school, his mother would play popular Nigerian music. “Then she would put on Aretha Franklin and Barry White. She had very diverse taste. Those are part of some of my sweetest memories of music – me just vibing to music and enjoying it.”
Look out for more joy and more music from this Prince of DC. AYO^ is always in the studio and has plans to bring out a new EP, featuring more R&B / Dancehall / Reggae fusion in the fall. As AYO^ puts it: “When the beat drops, you just get into it. You have no choice!”
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