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MTHH Interview: MistaJay

Morethanhiphop: Who were you musical influences for hip-hop?

Mistajay: I have so many influences and as a consummate student of the game if I had to pick a specific few it would be  Krs- One, Ice Cube, Wu-Tang Clan  

Morethanhiphop: Who are you Top 5 Fav artists?
It always hard to name a top five if had to try to nail it down Tupac, Biggie, Rakim, ICE Cube and Andre 3000

Morethanhiphop: What does hip-hop mean to you?
Mistajay: It means the freedom to express yourself and connect yourself to a wider world.

Morethanhiphop: How do you give back to the culture?
I definitely try to show love to other indy artists network and try offer as an artist a body of work that is reflective of the culture.

Morethanhiphop: How can we teach hip-hop to the next generation?
Mistajay: By getting them understands the past is prologue that every artist stands on the shoulders of someone who came before them…. The second thing is understanding that the commercial level of this game is means to and end a tool not the end all be all and it shouldn’t control or have undue influence on the culture the game needs balance.

Morethanhiphop: What kind of music do you have out right now?
Mistajay: Two mixtapes The Darkages http://www.datpiff.com/NCC-RECORDS-THE-EMPIRE-The-Dark-Ages-mixtape.571902.html The Underground Experience Vol 1. http://www.datpiff.com/DJ-Flashfader-Underground-Exprience-Vol1-mixtape.815383.html and single “NO Better Than This” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPPn6cn7p_E&feature=youtu.be on Itunes,Spotify and Pandora

Morethanhiphop: Will your music help preserve the culture? If so why?
Mistajay: That’s saying a lot but I believe it is an example of what can help save the culture simply because in the entirety of music lyrics matter.

Morethanhiphop: Do you have any new projects in the works?
Mistajay: There are to projects in the works one my solo album “One heart beat away” The Empire album “Is this where we leave you?”  as well as rereleases of 5th letters Long time coming and The Empire’s “NCC Records Presents… The Empire”

Morethanhiphop: What advice would you give the next mc taking the mic?
Mistajay: Set your own goals establish your own level of the success study the history of hip-hop have an understanding of the business but don’t let completely rule all of your decisions as an artist be original.

Morethanhiphop: How can hip-hop fans find you via social media?
Mistajay: @nccrecordempire on twitter NCCRecords THE Empire on FB and nccceo on IG  www.empiremusiq.com

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