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Celeste Buckingham rakes in over 20 millions views on "Run, Run, Run" | @CelBuckingham

Into the spotlight for which she was born steps a genuine diva. With musical wisdom that belies
her youth, Celeste Buckingham seamlessly blends contemporary R&Bsoulhip-hop, and
can rock a street corner jam just as easily as a sold-out stadium. Because for Celeste, it’s not
about genre or numbers, but feeling and message. Whether she’s deftly balancing the whisper
and thunder of a power ballad or just crooning lounge style, her voice is pure passion and
ingenuity. Get ready to make your finger sore from hitting the replay button. Ears really do smile.

The Pop Princess of Europe, as fans call her, refers to her powers “a gift,” modestly glossing the
endless hours she’s spent honing them. And with the opening lines of her 20-million-view smash
debut hit, Run, Run, Run, she lets us know there’s depth to complement those operatic pipes:
“All is fair in love and war / but all I do is love you more…” That’s the kind of compression and
wit you would expect from a veteran wordsmith, not a 17-year old ingénue, but four years on
Celeste continues to electrify the industry with works whose quality keeps her in a league of her

Already a certified platinum artist and MTV Music Award winner in EuropeCeleste is now set to
blow up the charts worldwide from the US to Japan, with her single Crushin’ My Fairytale
already making Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40. She was the youngest X-Factor judge and the
second youngest Cosmopolitan cover model in history, is an official ambassador for L’Oreal, and
has starred in a feature film as – what else? – a princess. Celeste is also committed to many
philanthropic and charitable organizations and causes, such as CARE.org, Boys & Girls Club of
America, autism (Nobody Knows) and women’s rights (I’m Not Sorry).

“Music is a ladder for the soul,” she says. Check out the world’s next vocal icon and let yours
climb to new heights of wonder. Below we have the official video clip for Celeste's hit single Run, Run, Run!!

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