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Young TeTe Interviews With More Than Hip Hop |


Young TeTe Interviews With More Than Hip Hop

Let's talk about your upcoming debut mixtape for a minute. How long did it take you to put it together?

I’m not sure how long it took but it took some time. 

How many tracks are we looking to get and what is the concept behind the project?

It will have 4 tracks RAW!!

The title of your mixtape is "Came a Long Way". Why did you title your project that, what does the title mean to you personally? 

The title isn’t "Came a Long Way". The title is "THE RAWEST" that’s the name because that’s who I'am.

How was it working with Lil Keed and Boosie? And give us your coolest memory of working with these awesome artists?

Lil Keed was the coolest young rap nigga a person can meet he was real and genuine. Boosie is a boss man, he is funny and raw. 

What does this upcoming year look like for you?

It looks like a lot of new ventures and new opportunities. 

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