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Young Black Entrepreneur Claude Leger, Owner of Global Phone Exchange Mobile Phone Service

Claude Leger, born in Haiti on May 15, is an American musical artist and entrepreneur known for his skills in the field of digital marketing. Music is widely considered the language of the soul. It connects people along the entire spectrum of emotion, sometimes without the use of words. Music has immortalized artists for generations because of its ability to resonate with millions of hearts. Claude Leger is a rising musician who has already become the master of Sounds because of his proficiency with Producing. The artist and musician have already won several titles in the world of music and will soon be known to the World has recently released his latest song called "Life Is Beautifull" with EMD (Electronic Music Dance) beats. Claude studied at Palmetto Elementary School from age 6, traveling to Florida with his parents (Jean Leger and Fedline Leger), through fifth grade; where he became one of the best students in his class and in the entire country. At the age of 12 he began his career as a Musician and Digital Marketing. "I always dream of doing something artistic that will keep me in the hearts of millions of people," says Claude in an interview conducted by Gilberto Ewale Masa . He graduated from high school as a model student and enrolled in Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College, where he earned a bachelor's degree in business. Before graduating from college, he founded a successful mobile phone company called Global Phone Exchange, offering easy access to mobile phones without users having to go to the store. Global Phone Exchange has grown to be one of the largest technology companies out there with such features, operating in more than six countries. A year later he founded General Wealth, a cryptocurrency group that deals with crypto mining and teaches people how to invest and be profitable with cryptocurrencies.

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