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Watch Young Mo Da Great In "On God" (Official Music Video)


Young Mo Da Great is a hip-hop artist in the Seattle area, where he has resided for over 15 years. Prior to moving to Seattle, he lived in Kampala (Uganda) until the age of 14. Having been born in Uganda, he was exposed to an international sound that was influenced by various genres of music. Evidently, this diversity of sound reflects in his versatile approach towards songwriting. Growing up in the Seattle area and coming to the U.S. as an immigrant in pursuit of the American Dream, Mo Da Great has a unique story that has not been told in hip-hop before. Aside from having a passion for the culture, Young Mo Da Great decided to become a hip-hop artist after he realized the capacity for utilizing rap lyrics to transform people’s lives as well as his own. Through a combination of thoughtful wordplay, heartfelt messages, and eclectic swag, he effortlessly stands out from the crowd. Young Mo’s mixtapes Introspective Volume 1 and Volume 2 are out on all platforms. In his most recent single “On God”, the mc rhymes about God in a way that no artist has since Kanye West’s Jesus Walks. Follow his Instagram @Youngmodagreat, and YouTube @Youngmodagreat.

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