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New Music: Genevieve Zamora - WhoSheB


New Music: Genevieve Zamora - WhoSheB

WhoSheB is the latest single from the lady out west. Go check her out asap if you know what’s good for you and what’s good for music out in the Southwest you hear. She coming with that serious flow. She don’t stop with them hits! We done talked about her music not too long ago and usually most artists aren’t putting up tracks like this back to back. So go ahead now and check it out. She got WhoSheB streaming on all streaming platforms. 

Shout out Genevieve Zamora with the heat on these tracks she putting out. You gonna know its from her when you push play because she just do the damn thing with no hesitation. She speaking like a seasoned vet on the mic and she putting your mans to shame because she doing it better right now! Go check out WhoSheB right now!


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