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Video: Santa Sallet - "Just Another Tuesday" | @SantaSallet

Santa Sallet releases his new music video "Just Another Tuesday" produced by Nemizzo. The first half of this video was filmed in Montpellier, France (in the south of France). The second half was filmed in Washington, D.C. Produced and directed by Santa Sallet. Shot by @tizy_boy (Montpellier, France) and @_thedopeside_ (Washington, D.C.).
"This song is about a white car. I'll never forget, I was driving home from work one day when Nemizzo called me to play me some beats. We were freestyling through back to back beats when he played this beat called "$crapes". I start freestyling and something about how I'm driving and how "I whip that white (white, white, white, white)." I was vibing with it so hard as soon as i got home, I put pen to paper before my genius could escape me. It was Just Another Tuesday for MSP."
"Just Another Tuesday" will be released on his upcoming mixtape, "Plutography." Listen to Santa Sallet at www.SantaSallet.com.

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