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Video: Dbangz - "Medusa" | @lildustmop

19-year-old, LA-based MC Dbangz has released a video for “Medusa” that carries the stone-blooded energy of the Greek Gorgon that it shares his name with. The visual is for the song that appears on his most recent EP, Been A Long Time. If you want a look at exotic furniture and scaly representations of sin, this is the video for you.

When people aren’t genuine, they’re considered to be fake, or slimy individuals — snakes, if you will. This concept is at the center of “Medusa,” with Dbangz contextualizing his place as one of the realest in a world full of people that offer fake support or wish to do him harm. He knows how to maneuver in the right way that will keep him and the people he loves safe as he continues his rapid ascent to stardom.

In the video for “Medusa,” Dbangz stars as a sharply-dressed snake charmer who toys with the reptiles just like he plays insincere people like fiddles. While rapping fiercely at the camera, snakes slither around his hands that extend from silk shirts. Along with its showcasing of phenomenal interior design, “Medusa” makes its case for being one of the year’s most visually striking videos.

“Medusa” is the latest release from the Been A Long Time EP that recognizes the fact that he’s been rapping for five years. This recent release has gained the likes of The Source, UPROXX, and more. In addition to a one of a kind performance with Kinda Neat, Dbangz is definitely an artist to watch. Listen to Been A Long Time and stay tuned for more from the rapper coming soon.

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