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Video: Sonia Kilo - "The Girls" (Cash Money) | @Sonia_Kilo

This hot single "The Girls" written by Sonia Kilo and produced by Dustin Cavazos is a tribute to an early 2000's song by Juvenile. Its play on early 2000 references and repetitive club beat makes it impossible for you to listen just once. Sonia Kilo wrote the song while in Houston during the World Series. Noticing how the girls would stop what they were doing just to dance to the classic. As the DJ continued to flirt with the drop, it was clear that no matter how old the song was, it still had the same effect. "I wanted to create a song describing that experience without sampling the song." Creative directing on her own music video, Sonia wanted to recreate a girls' night at the club. Music video producer Jorge Prophecy Villa takes the high energy of the song and matches it scene for scene.

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