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#NewMusic Souls Rest - Lighter | @Soulsrest

 Souls Rest - Lighter | @Soulsrest

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Souls Rest consists of vocalist/producer a son and rapper.

Souls Rest combine elements of Hip Hop and RnB/Soul music blending rap with melodic vocals and dynamic cutting edge production to create a unique and captivating sound.

Souls Rest draws upon their love of classic hip hop and soul, but are driven to create a new Urban RnB soundscape. Direct, lyrical dexterity is coupled with catchy hooks—the result is relevant, melodic and candid music.
Their latest release; “Lighter” is the second single from their upcoming 10-song album project, Cosmonauts. The record aims to expose the disconnect between the person we show to the world, and the person we really are on the inside. It’s written to someone who is struggling with life, and is hiding within a fake exterior. Everything is falling apart around them, yet they still refuse to share their problems. Ironically, it is this elusive honesty that often leads to us being able to access help and ultimately freedom.
Evolving from their previous records, The Cosmonauts album project will have a more Pop-sound woven into the exciting and infectious tracks. The music will continue to be a mix live musicianship and contemporary hip hop production, which creates their unique, memorable sound. Souls Rest is even more intent on bringing fresh new tones to mainstream Hip Hop, RnB, and Soul music.
So far in 2019, the band has released, the single “Cosmonauts, and their “from_the vault”, a 6 song EP that tells uplifting stories of love and hope. 6 music videos accompanied these music releases.
With the support of Mercury Artists and Element-80 Records Inc, the band will be looking ahead to grow their fanbase online and on radio; as well as, touring and performing at festivals and venues across Canada and the US.

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