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Video: Heavy Steppers - "Heavy Steppers" | @SbgKemo @_Kemillie

As the newest signees to Chicago-based label and creative collective, At The Studio Records (ATS), 21-year-old SBG Kemo and 23-year-old Ke Millie are the two artists bringing together their distinct sounds to form the viral rap duo, Heavy Steppers.

Beginning as solo artists and both hailing from the west side of Chicago, the Heavy Steppers met through mutual friends in the rap game and immediately bonded over a shared admiration for each other’s music. Blending SBG Kemo’s raw storytelling and Ke Millie’s unique lyrical delivery, the two quickly recognized a hit sound and knack for making good music together. After debuting their single “Heavy Steppers” in June 2019 and calling for a Heavy Steppers Challenge, the duo sat back and watched social media explode. Spawning over 300,000 tagged videos on TikTok, “Heavy Steppers” soon became more than just a song, and SBG Kemo and Ke Millie were set upon a fast-moving journey straight to the top.

Citing fellow Chicago native rappers Polo G and Chance the Rapper as their biggest role models, Heavy Steppers have high hopes to continue bringing a different sound to their youth-filled fan base. And from the clips of their idols creating content to their hit song to the sounds of their dynamic music blaring out of Chicago clubs every night, it’s clear that this success is only the tip of the iceberg. Helmed by well-known Chicago music executive & producer LPeezy, ATS has forged a joint venture with LA Reid’s HITCO to build out a diverse roster of influential artists in hopes of consistently delivering refreshing, high-quality music to the masses. With their city on their backs, the Heavy Steppers are up to the task of carrying the torch.

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