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Raw Marquez - Mal de Ojo | @rawk978

Raw Marquez drops his latest official album on YouTube make sure to check it out above and make sure to give him a follow on his social media listed below.
Artist : Raw Marquez Album: Mal de Ojo Tracklist:
1) Blade on a Rooster - [Produced By J.Demers] 
2) Pentacles - [Produced By Teyo] 
3) Maldicion ft. Chizz Dot. - [Produced By J.Demers] 
4) Rebenga - [Produced By Teyo] 
5) Aint Nothing - [Produced By Drae Da Skimask 
6) 9th Gate - ft Kennedy Cruz & Deanna Darko - [Produced By J.Demers] 
7) Brujeria - [Produced By J.Demers] 
8) Palm Reading - [Produced By J.Demers] 
9) Grub & Juice - [Produced By Writz Carlton] 
Follow rawk978 on instagram https://www.instagram.com/rawk978/
All Tacks Mixed & Mastered by Robie Rowland at Echo Studio - Cover Design by Howiewonder

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