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Pearl Jam's "Black" recreated for Jazz Part Two

WWE's Vince Russo, arguably one of the most controversial figures in professional wresting has now gotten back in the ring to fight child abuse. Russo recruited TNA's "original knockout" Goldy Locks, who takes her swing at America's epidemic, with a compelling visual to help bring awareness to the National Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD). 

Through music, they all came together to advocate crimes against children. They chose "Black", and officially licensed Pearl Jam's signature song from one of the most successful catalogs in music history. Their cover version of "Black" was included on Jazz Part Two, an album that has been on the Billboard Jazz Charts for 17 weeks, peaking at #1. "Black" is Russo's collaboration with Goldy Locks Band, Smith & Hay and the legendary King Tech, who is a partner with Sway Calloway on Sirius XM.

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