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New Music: NEMO – Detonator | @NemoProfits

New Music: NEMO – Detonator

New Music: NEMO – Detonator

After stepping onto the scene with his debut Latin infused single “Latin Baby” NEMO is back with his new banger “Detonator” produced by YamaAgni. The intensely super energetic record is a throwback feel to the days of Miami house parties. Inspired by 2 live crew the song takes a less raunchy and sexual approach, but it still gives cool make love have fun and freedom of expression vibes.  NEMO’s early experience in the Los Angeles Hip Hop & EDM scene plays a vital role in his musical influences, he is expected to release his debut EP For The Love Of Music  in 2020.
Quote: “I grew up on hip-hop but caught a vibe with the EDM scene around 19 years old. From the outside looking in, I thought it was all techno music. But it’s so much more than that. EDM is about dance, love, freedom, and creative expression. I made Detonator to embody what EDM has done for me in my life and give some good vibes along the way.”

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