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(New Exclusive Interview) Luca Brassy Talks Music With More Than Hip Hop |

(New Exclusive Interview) Luca Brassy Talks Music With More Than Hip Hop

1. How long have you been creating music?  

I started in professional wresting at age 13 then transitioned into music about 16 years ago. 

2. Breakdown your style and sound? 

My style has changed a lot over the years.  I love making music that embodies the Luca Brassy way of life, but that other people can also get behind and enjoy.  People have said that I'm most similar to 2 artists in particular; that being Flo Rida and Pitbull.  Most people don't think I sound like anyone and that I bring my own flavor to the music. I guess you would call it a cross between club, lyrical, and pop with a touch of trap.

3. What do you feel you bring different to the music industry?   

For one I feel that I bring a certain type of work ethic that a lot of artists lack these days.  Ambition and drive are so important. Beyond that, I feel my voice is different, my flow and the way I put records together is also unique.  I don't do things in a traditional way; I like to experiment with different types of beats and arrangements. 

4. What is the concept behind “Retroactive” and how long did it take to record the entire project? 

The concept behind retroactive is exactly what it sounds like.  It has a couple different aspects to it though.  I decided on that title for 2 reasons.  First, some of the records were recorded as long ago as 6 or 7 years and second, some of the records have a retro hip hop type of feel to them.  It was a perfect title for this EP.  I realized after recording so many records that I had enough to put out an EP and went through almost my entire library before deciding on the 11 final records.

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In five years, I see myself touring internationally and then starting to scale back to a more minor role of helping bring younger artists up and teach them the ins and outs.

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