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BlackLiq – MADNESS | @BlackLiq

What Happens When Your Nightmares Become Reality? When The Visions In Your Mind Become Tangible? You Descend Into Madness!
Just in time for Halloween! Watch the brand new flick from BlackLiq titled “MADNESS”! This is one of the most creative and interesting videos I’ve seen in a while!
Tap in below and watch how they brought this incredible visual to life!

BlackLiq is currently celebrating 10 years of working in FM radio in 2019 by releasing a new project each month, called the “NOW” series, that represents authenticity and integrity through On-Air freestyles while preparing for the release of his next full length project, “The Lie”.

Vocals: BlackLiq Producer: The Honorable Sleaze (R.I.P.) Directors: Ason Intrigue & Derek Stewart Illustrations and Animations: Derek Stewart Visual Effects and Editor: Ason Intrigue Associate Producer: Eric Bose

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackLiq @BlackLiq
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