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Video: Xperience - "Gumbo" (Live Performance)

Xperience brings together a band to do a live performance version of "Gumbo." Connecting with Seattle legend Tiffany Wilson to help him craft a band, she was able to get other legends like guitar player Thaddeus Turner and singer/keys-player Darius Willrich. They had an all-star cast that even included famous horn players Greg Kramer and Chris Littlefield, vocalist Okanomode' Soulchilde, soulful drummer Alan Hunter, and the super talented bass player Noe Rodriquez.

According to Xperience, the inspiration behind "Gumbo" was kind of a “weird” one. Xperience’s family has Creole roots. His dad’s side of the family grew up in Jonesboro, LA and used to scare him and his cousins with spooky stories about voodoo. A story that stuck with him was about a woman who would cook for a man. The man became completely infatuated with her afterwards as if the food put him under a spell--a real life example of a man’s stomach being the quickest way to his heart. His father would warn him about eating every women’s food. Therefore, he knew gumbo wasn’t something to be played with! The beat was produced by Trox, and the song was co-written by Eric Nally of Foxxy Shazam.

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