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New Video: MobSquad Nard - "Murda Scene" | @MobSquadNard

After a brief hiatus, Jacksonville rapper MobSquad Nard returns with a new video for "Murda Scene" that proves just as visually hard-hitting as his lyrics are. Coming from a place peppered with crime and poverty, Nard uses his background to convey what life in the streets of Northeastern Florida can be. His flows are passionate yet aggressive, loose yet rapid and animated, and tell gritty tales of his life in the streets.

A video filled to the brim with flashing blue and red lights, radio static and caution tape, you feel the energy through your screen and Nard rides the beat with invigorating delivery and a sharp southern cadence. Shot by A Zae Production, the video is just as hard-hitting as it is bone-chilling.

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