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JayDaYoungan & Yungeen Ace - "Can’t Speak On It" (Mixtape) | @JayDaYoungan @YungeenAce

Some of the youngest new voices of the south, the two auspicious emcees JayDaYoungan and Yungeen Ace have teamed up to deliver their first joint-project, Can’t Speak On It. Merging two pivotal styles of southern rap, the bullicole yet honest story-telling popularized by Florida rappers such as Kodak Black and XXXTentacion intertwined with the galvanizing trap melodies that have taken hold of states like Louisiana, Alabama and Texas in recent years, the two artists create a piece of work chock full of intricate production, raw lyricism and incandescent melodies that flow seamlessly with one another. The project boasts no features, and the pair take matters into their own hands as they create an atmosphere for their listeners from the first song to the last. The album is introduced with the track "Opps," released as a single in weeks prior garnering upwards of 2.5M streams on YouTube, and from there the project transitions effortlessly from song to song, with stand-out tracks like "Jackie Chan" maintaining the energy and others like "Step For You" giving an insightful look into a more circumspect and emotionally self-aware side of the two young rappers. Concluded with "Jungle," one of the duo’s most notable tracks that hit the public ear in the Summer of 2018, the project shows nothing but promise as Yungeen Ace and JayDaYoungan ascend to new heights not only in their home states, but in the ever growing universe of hip-hop.

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