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[Video] @iamjcthedon 'Act Right'

Jc The Don - Artist out of Huntsville Alabama. Originally from Mobile move to Huntsville when he was 13. Was the first in his Family to Attend College on a Full Football Scholarship to the University of North Alabama. Began doing music in 2017 and has taken his city and surrounding area by storm with his versatile style. Music has been featured on many radio station also in the movie “Candy” directed by the Isabell Brothers. In his spare time he is also a little league football coach for The Saint 10 and Under team. Has been seen on “Growing Up HipHop ATL” along side his good friend Jhonni Blaze and his Collab with the likes of Don Trip out of Memphis, Euro Gotit out of Atlanta and King Myers Out of New York City.

Music Link: https://linktr.ee/iamjcthedon Twitter: @iamjcthedon Instagram: @iamjcthedon

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