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Nahhdahh "Sad 😞 Day" Ft Harris The Knowitall | @nahhdahh

Nahhdahh “Sad 😞 Day” Ft. & Prod By harristheknowitall Art Cover By: Elijah Young Click This Link Now Available on All Streaming Platforms https://song.link/Nahhdahh

The concept of this song is about the state of America and the horrible times we live in. Normalizing the day to day scandals and unseemly acts like they’re normal. I’m trying to bring awareness and wake everyone up from this cold Zombie like mentality because if we continue down this desensitized walk of life I fear the worst for this nation. 

Short Bio Nahhdahh began producing music in the mid 2000s; falling in love with songwriting, producing, sound engineering, live engineering, mixing and arranging. He began to find success with Bump Records, a youth organization at Youth Uprising; working and being featured on “The Future” album that placed on the top 100 billboard when released. With Nahhdahh having a different, unorthodox and unfiltered style he continued developing his sound with the release of his mixtape, “Nation Wide Demo”. Nahhdahh has also collaborated with Taj in the early stages of his career, Mistah Fab with the song On My On My, Piper Of Flipsyde, D’Wayne Wiggins of the legendary group Tony! Toni! TonΓ©! and many others. In addition to his solo career he formed the Hip-Hop Duo Culture Keeperz with Dj Twelve dropping a LP. He is also an original member of the underground Bay Area super group NATO alongside fellow rappers Adonis The Juggernaut, Tuu Mani, Deadly D, Jay Aye and Khalil. Nahhdahh is a truly gifted artist, whether it’s making beats or lyrics with meaning his soul is a part of his art 110%. 

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