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Gina DiGiorgio - The Night

New queen of Electronic Dance Pop 
reigns over industry with new EP ‘So Original’
LOS ANGELES, CA – Gina DiGiorgio is a name you need to have on your radar. The young up-and-coming electronic pop artist out of Los Angeles is quickly making a name for herself around the world – currently wrapping up a two-month European tour and soon to launch a West Coast tour in the U.S. Her one-of-a-kind sound is reminiscent of artists like Billie Eillish and Ariana Grande, but her vocals are unique and her vibes are making people move in multiple corners of the world.
The launch of her new five-song EP, “So Original,” is set to further propel her onto the world stage. Fully tapping into the electronic dance pop feel that she embraces, the EP is all about helping fans dance and have fun. It features songs like “Deserve Better,” “The Night” and the title track “So Original,” all of which have varying levels of upbeat energy and deep lyrics.
With “Deserve Better,” DiGiorgio draws from personal experience and inspiration from friends to explore the hard work it takes to achieve her dreams and how often when you can look back on the journey you’ve taken it can feel overwhelming how far you’ve come. With a catchy beat and a hook that won’t stop, “Deserve Better” is a song that many fans have been talking about.
“The Night” is another fan-favorite from the EP. DiGiorgio said it’s also her personal favorite, both for its standout vibe and because of the personal hurdles she overcame to finish the song.
“I worked with a very talented producer and when I came in with the idea for this song, he talked about letting go of any self doubt and problems and just being free and letting all my cares go away,” she said. “I think other people can get into that and want to feel accepted and carefree. So this song is about letting all the stress and worries of life go free, at least for the night. We have the night so let’s have fun, basically.”
“So Original” is another of the singles from the EP that has gotten quite a bit of praise from fans and followers on social media. It’s written as an inspirational track, DiGiorgio said, with hopes of motivating people to “be the most original self you can be.” 
“You are who you are and that’s really unique,” she said. “Be happy with yourself and find that within someone else. I want to be original when I’m alone, when I’m with friends, when I’m with my boyfriend – just anything I want to be. Ultimately, I want all of my music to be known for a message that speaks to people. I want to have lyrics that are positive, give hope to people, and pair that with good beats they can listen to in the car or on the radio, and get excited when they hear it.”
“So Original” is currently available on all streaming platforms with a music video on her YouTube channel. 

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