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Fitch Means - 2AM Drive

Fitch Means shows off sick vocals with new EP ‘2AM Drive’
PHILADELPHIA, PA – William “Fitch” Means is an up-and-coming R&B artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who’s unique sound and style is turning heads all over the country. Through his unbridled ambitions, passion for music and impeccable vocal ability, Means’ climb to the top officially kicked off when he won Artist of the Week with Maze Radio a couple of years ago. Since then, Means has been working diligently in writing and producing his own music, performing on radio show and most recently, performing at Philadelphia’s Odunde Festival. Many doors have opened to him, thanks to his hard work which includes collaborations with other notorious artists such as Patty Jackson, DJ Cuzin B, King BreZe, and Tizz 215. With his insatiable hunger for success, Means continues to pave his own way to become a musical legend and inspire everyone around him to chase their ambitions.
His new EP, “2Am Drive,” which will be released later this year, is the perfect project to put his unique talents on display. Featuring four songs – “2AM Drive,” “Love Feels Like,” “Pretend” and “Far Gone” – the EP is one that showcases Means’ ability to compose songs with depth and versatility. More than that, the EP shows off his amazing voice and wide range – from high registers to deep soothing sounds that make the ladies swoon.
“My voice is very versatile,” he said. “I have a lot of range and I have a lot of stamina vocally. My voice naturally projects and carries and it’s something I’ve been working on for years. Ultimately, I want my music to become known for its composition. I care deeply about the instrumentation as well as the lyrics. I want people to feel what I feel in the moment and the situations I’m talking about to help them through similar situations. I consider my music to be an immersive experience. I work really hard, do all my back vocals, write all my own music and have even started getting into producing. I think all of that combines to make me different than anyone else out there.”
Of the four singles on the EP, “2AM Drive” is the debut and has already been getting some major traction from listeners with more than 30,000 streams in less than two weeks release. It’s a neo-soul vibe that meshes R&B and traditional soul into something that Means calls “vapor wave.” It’s a song that explores the moments that come between arguments in a relationship. 
“The whole concept of the entire EP is walking through a relationship,” he said. “This song in particular is about both individuals wanting it to work but it won’t. They’ve had a disagreement and he has to go on a drive at 2 a.m. to clear his mind.”
In addition to the new EP, Means said he’s planning on dropping another single called “Drip Sauce” in late August. It will be a song that features more of his hip hop abilities. 
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