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Sereni Ace Is Back With "Love Again" | @Sereni_Ace

In time for the start of summer, Sereni Ace delivers us with this first single off his album “It’s Okay”! “Love Again” Produced by Duvak gives you a glimpse of what the album is about, which is being okay with not loving the person you thought you would spend ur life with. The song starts off with the insanely catchy hook that brings you into exactly what the single is about. how you don't want to love again after being heartbroken and being told you are better off as friends. Throughout the song he takes you on a journey of moving on with the love of his life, ending with an amazing solo from guitarist “Matt Nardone”. “Love Again sets the tone for what is to come from Sereni Ace and the SHA family this summer. This is the first single off “It’s Okay” which is due out later this summer! This song is also available on all streaming platforms!

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