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Gotchi - Headlights | @EntGotchi

This is a unique and very artistic video shot by perfect strangers, the artist name is Gotchi , Toronto native known in his city for the brillaint innovative ideas he displays in his music and videos. The song displays his ability to connect to his audience and be a genuine lyricist. This music video is for Headlights his first release smash single , it was filmed in Montreal , Canada near the old port and the Champlain bridge. Gotchi used a landscape concept and a play with lights in this video displaying his capabilities as a multi talented artist where he gets creative with what he has to work with and makes something else of it. It is a very unique video in that the scenes that were filmed in Montreal most of them were never captured that way before and used in any videos by any other artists from the area, it was an innovative idea that was created to bring inspiration. and motivation to the viewer. The idea of the video was to use the space that we were given in the city without having to use a studio or use any back drops, this video will bring you that raw city vibe you can feel and appreciate displaying true art lyrically and visually. This was all filmed during the middle of winter in cold -20 degree temperatures outside in the city, just a reminder to not let anything stop you.

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