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Volcanic Grip - About Me

Powerful new artist explores darker side of life
with new singles ‘About Me’ and ‘Black Magic’
ATLANTA, GA – If you ask Volcanic Grip how he came up with his name, he’ll tell you about the awesome power that lies just under the surface of Earth’s outer layer and how that’s the perfect metaphor to describe his personality.
When that powerful summoning of energy is combined with his unique talent as an artist – influenced by his upbringing in Atlanta and the music that city is known for – the world is treated to a one-of-a-kind sound that cannot be ignored. Grip said his music will always tell stories from his adrenaline-driven lifestyle. And though his sound and style are definitive, the content of his music is homage to the city of his birth.
“I want my music to be known for a revolutionary stance on what Atlanta and I have to bring to the table,” Grip said. “I’m telling stories mostly of where I’m from or what people where I’m from would think about – earthly things or political things or challenging things that have to do with different taboos or things that a lot of people aren’t talking about. I take pride in talking about those taboos.”
A good example of this is found in his most recent single, “About Me.” He describes it as a darker song that highlights the Atlanta lifestyle that he and a lot of others live on a daily basis. Already, the song has seen some success on Spotify and other digital distribution outlets, and quite a few people have left positive comments about his dark trap and symphony-infused production.
He also has another single, “Black Magic.” It’s a song that he said challenges people’s thinking about revenge and duality.
A music video for “About Me” is in the works and should be finished by the end of April. He’ll continue to release more singles throughout the year as he continues to build his rising music career.
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