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Izo.dae - Holy Grail

Fast-rising young artist izo.dae drops new single ‘Holy Grail’
ORLANDO, FL – Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make the biggest impact. That was the case for Florida-based artist izo.dae. A longtime fan of hip-hop music, he never felt like it was something he would pursue professionally on his own. But one day while visiting his father in Tahoe, his Dad threw a drum loop into Ableton and did a filter sweep.
“I was like, ‘Oh shit! That’s how they do that!’” Izo said. “It was the most minute thing, but it blew me. It created a sound that Id heard before in songs. Right then I wanted to learn how to do more, and I’ve kept that energy till now.”
Creating art is more than just making music for izo.dae. The entire process is organic for him, and over the past three years he’s spent hours upon hours exploring many avenues through which he can express himself creatively. He’s produced hundreds of beats, recorded artists, and wrote lyircs, as well as learning how to sing and rap. On top of all of that last summer he started creating custom clothes with a friend strixp. Something he says is meant to keep his creativity flowing and his options open for the future. Through this process, he’s found a unique sound and style – as well as a unique voice to inspire those who listen.
His first release was a single called “Preview,” which gave listeners a literal preview into his mindset and what he hopes to accomplish not only as a artist but as a man in today’s world. In the song, you can tell he is focused on the long term and understands success is more then hard work but a combination of many things and a lot of patience. The song expresses his goals and aspirations and serves as a reminder to be your best self and to fall forward. Not only is it a song that serves as a statement of piece for him, but it is also an encouragement for anyone who listens to it to chase his or her dreams and embrace the crazy journey ahead.
Izo is following that up with a second single called “Holy Grail.” The song has only been out for a couple of weeks but already, it has gained some major attention throughout the Southeast part of the country. Some have likened the sound to Post Malone and SZA. Unlike “Preview,” this single has more of an R&B vibe that’s chill and perfect for sitting back and relaxing.
“It’s about a ‘Holy Grail girl,’” Izo said. “Sometimes, the most beautiful women are horrible , but a Holy Grail girl is more than just their looks – she’s smart, works for her own, and actually adventures and lives their life. This song is more about that dream girl. And it’s one of those songs that came out at 3 in the morning free styling trying to find a Hook. After that it just kinda came.”
Izo said he hopes people will see him as an artist not just a singer or producer but an all around creative. His diversity in not only his beat’s but flow and melody’s is something he believes will take him extremely far in the next few years.
To listen to Izo.Dae’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

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