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DaTBoYZ3L - Danger @DaTBoYZ3L

Living in the times we do these days, you just never know what can come your way. Violence and hate is at an all time high while the common folk struggle to survive. "Danger" lurks around nearly every corner, especially in the streets of Jackson, Tennessee where DaTBoYZ3L calls home. The new single is Z3L's lead single to his forthcoming sophomore album, "DaTseason".

The young artist paints a chilling picture of the turmoil he's endured while offering eye opening advice on how to maneuver thru life's strenuous obstacles. Z3L explains that it honestly doesn't matter what your social status, race or gender is, we are all able to fall victim to experiencing dangerous situations. It's up to you to play the game smart and always be aware of your surroundings, never let your guard down.

DaTBoY contracts Letthatboycook once again for the stunning production number that is bursting with soulful energy and bone chilling vocal structures that play like a musical revival. Word also has it that there's a lyrical video soon to follow and even a possible official video later this year. Z3L's not only a talented songwriter and artist, he's also a bonified hustler.

Continuing to build momentum behind his clothing apparel line, #DaTGEAR, he shows no signs of slowing his momentum anytime soon. Tune in to "Danger" on Spotify and Apple Music while keeping a close eye on DaTBoYZ3L in the coming months.

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