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(New Exclusive Interview) Is Johnny Casini The Next Musical Superstar? | @JohnnyCasini

(New Exclusive Interview) Is Johnny Casini The Next Musical Superstar?

(New Exclusive Interview) Is Johnny Casini The Next Musical Superstar? 

1. You put a lot of your emotions into your music. When creating songs, do you pull from real life situations and if so, how does the people being talked about feel about this?

All my songs, in general, were born from a simple acoustic guitar and my voice. I transcribed all my feelings and moods in music and lyrics with the aim to obtain in some cases a medicine that could help me on a moral and psychological level in others to enhance my positivity. These different sounds that you can hear in the final work are determined by my feelings and arrangements made in collaboration with amazing musicians: (Gus Robertson (Razorlight), Javier Weyler (Stereophonics), Michael Boddy (Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music) , Paddy Milner (Todd Sharpville, Tom Jones) and Yaron Stavi (Richard Galliano, Robert Wyatt, David Gilmour)) under the very important and decisive supervision of the Great Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music, David Gilmour, David Byrne, Brian Eno...) as my Producer. I have no idea what the people described in my songs think or feel about this. However, I'm sure that I have written about my emotions with them from a truly personal point of view.

2. You were born in Italy. How is the music culture in Italy and what part do you play in it, if any at all?

Music has always been important to me, like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. At the age of 13, I started my first experiences with some friends creating music, in that period I was studying electric guitar at the “music school” in my town (Correggio) in Italy. My life experiences, my heart, and my cultural education took place in Italy. Italian songwriters and artists have greatly influenced my way of writing lyrics — one out of all Lucio Dalla. Music in Italy has always been, and I'm sure it will still be in the future an essential thing for society. I am confident about the new generations of artists. I don't know if I will bring any difference to the Italian music industry. Iam sure, however, of one thing that music and art, in general, are born with the aim of getting rid of any borders. I want to do my small part to give some hope to the kid that's still in me. I want to create, through my art, my music, my words and my actions, a small chance to live on a planet that is in peace, love, freedom, brotherhood, and friendship. Without barriers or boundaries, without any kind of hatred.

3. Top 5 favorite restaurants in Italy and why?

My 5 favorite restaurants in Italy are 1) "L'Osteria di Correggio" because it is the hometown restaurant where I spent beautiful moments with many friends, and they offer my favorite cuisine: the "Emilian Food." 2) "Curcuma" of Reggio Emilia is an Indian cusine’s restaurant that I like. Spicy and colored flavors are part of myself thanks to the fact that I have Mauritian origins from my mother side. 3) "Sorbillo" in Naples where they make the real Neapolitan pizza. A set of tastes and a very charming characteristic environment. 4) "Trattoria del Macellaio Fornaciari" in Reggio Emilia which is an excellent Meat restaurant. 5) "Irish Pub" in Novellara that if you want to experience the classic Anglo-Saxon’s cuisine from typical Pub-Resturant over there is lovely.

4. Top 3 favorite foods you like to eat?

My 3 favorite foods are "Cappelletti," "Erbazzone" and "Cotoletta." If by any chance you are not aware of these dishes I suggest you try them if you have the chance to come to visit my region “Emilia Romagna”.

5. Top 3 things you like to do when your not working on music?

Music is an essential part of much of my time. However, the three things I do very willingly are writing poetry, practicing sports like basketball, tennis, and soccer, and I like working the land and growing vegetables and fruits.

6. Top 5 places you want to visit within the next 5 years?

The top 5 places I absolutely would like to visit within the next 5 years are: Nashville, Tokyo, Sydney, Cape Town, and Rio de Janeiro. The essential reason is that I would like to visit and live and experience the whole Continents and Cultures all over the world.

7. What should the world know about your single "Dark Sunglasses"?

When I wrote "Dark Sunglasses," I thought of a song with metaphors representing the difficulties that guys have in their choices in front of their life changes. The "Dark Sunglasses" described in this song are a metaphor. They are like a filter to put on your eyes every time we do not want to see the truth.

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