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Popular Rumble Sound Clash Series Brings New Stars and Standards to the Industry

Now in it's fourth season, Irish and Chin's Rumble sound clash series, also billed as "The Road to World Clash," has emerged as a viable platform for introducing new selector and sound system stars to worldwide audiences. Even the Rumble Series new rules are leaving an indelible mark on the sound clash industry. Fresh off the heels off the World Clash 20th Anniversary and generating quite the buzz, all eyes are on the 2019 Rumble Series launch on Saturday, March 2 with Canada Rumble.

Staged in six International territories through out the year, vibrant sound clashes will erupt with regional hot shot selectors and sounds vying for their respective country's clash title, clout, fame and naturally a coveted spot on the World Clash stage, hailed as the "Super Bowl" of sound clashes by the masses and blue print for a slew of high profile staged clashes. In addition to Canada Rumble (March 2), the following fiery clashes are planned including the Caribbean Rumble (April 20), U.S. Rumble  (May 18), Japan Rumble (June 29), Euro Rumble (tbd) and U.K. Rumble (tbd). 

The current class of Rumble Series winners has certainly not been shy of the spotlight with UK Rumble champ Mour Dan recently winning a Boom Energy sound clash. U.S. Rumble champ Dynamq has also nabbed a slot in the popular clash amidst readying for his first sound driven international tour. Major appearances for the "African Lock Off" U.S. Rumble winner, who also doubles as an artist, are notably on the rise. Even Japan Rumble champ Jah Works announced a 2019 tour. These are just a few of the sounds who have enjoyed the benefits of the Rumble Series, as participant'  accolades continue to grow overall -- including prominent sound clash activity, music festival performances and more.

"As the sound clash industry has been void of new stars over the past 20 years, we are excited that the Rumble Series is ushering in crops of fresh faces," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin. "Increased activity and visibility of talented, rising sounds is good for the business and continues to shine a light on sound clash culture."

New sound stars aren't the only tangible outcome of the Rumble Series, as the clashes' unique rules are also leaving an indelible mark through out the sound industry. Introduced to much fanfare in 2018, the mystery round became an instant hit among clash fans. Designed to catch selectors by surprise and challenge their knowledge of music, the highly anticipated segment sees contenders drawing for a music theme  (i.e., Singers, God Bless, Ganja, Bad Man, Combination, etc) which they must play for an entire round, while outwitting their opponents. The Rumble Series excitement continues to the delight of fans in 2019, with a new structure that incorporates battling with 45s, 1 on 1 combat and a no bars held tune-fi-tune match up, also known as "rapid fire." 

"Sounds and selectors seeking to become a World Clash champion should boast the utmost talent," says Bourne. "The Rumble Series format lays the foundation for high caliber sound champions who are extremely well-rounded, skilled in ALL aspects of sound culture and able to clash and perform for any occasion without a hitch."

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