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Philly’s Highly Anticipated Crime Drama, Set To Begin Filming!

After a successful wrap up of break-through worthy actor auditions, TTW Productions in association
with 20/20 Vizion Presents and 1st Dibz Productions; brings you “The Probe”, a new riveting,
heart pounding crime drama! This cultural neutral series is groundbreaking for the city of
Philadelphia. According to Executive Producer/Writer Cortez Johnson ( @tez_thewriter) there
has never been a comparable series in this city of this magnitude. “I believe that the narrative
will move the culture and stir up universal issues in a non-stop twisting and turning, nail biting
drama!”, says Johnson.

“The Probe” is a fresh episodic crime drama that captures the essence of American culture
through the mean streets of Philadelphia. In a melting-pot of Blacks, Whites, Latinos and Asians,
Philly’s drug and real-estate market is wide-open, and everyone salivates for a piece of the
action. But not so fast. There’s always someone watching, and in this case, numerous interrelated
investigations are being conducted. The Internal Affairs are watching dirty law enforcement. The
Feds are watching dirty politicians, judges and high-ranking drug dealers. The drug dealers are
watching their rivals, as well as law enforcement that’s on their payroll and those who aren’t. So,
at the same time, everybody is being probed and watching each other in an attempt to escape a
deadly web of subterfuge.

Loyalty runs no deeper than a scratch and betrayal seems like an everyday ritual. Get ready for a
host of plot twists and adrenaline rushes that’ll have you hanging tight to your seats and will
have your hearts plummeting to your guts in suspense! “The Probe” will feature an amazing star
studded cast including Tobias Truvillion (Empire) Clifton Powell (Saints & Sinners, The Family
Business), Tray Chaney (The Wire, Saints & Sinners) JD Williams (The Wire, Saints & Sinners),
Jasmine Burke (Ride Along, Saints and Sinners) Omillio Sparks (State Property 1 & 2, Streets),
Gary Sturgis (Daddy’s Little Girls), and more!

Cortez Johnson, who also writes under the pseudonym (@tez_thewriter), has introduced to the
world the greatest Philly story ever told, along with Producer/Director, Derrick Hammond;
Producer, James Hunter; Producer/Casting Director, Leah Bostic; and Producer Tray Chaney.
“The Probe” begins filming in Philadelphia from February 13th - 25th, 2019. For more info on
“The Probe” and brand integration opportunities contact Noelle Helene at

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