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Nicki Minaj Reunites Mixtape Days W/ Freestyle "Barbie Drip"

Prior to SuperBowl Sunday, mega-star Nicki Minaj drops her latest freestyle "Barbie Drip" which is done over the instrumental of "Drip To Hard" by Lil Baby and Gunna.

Ms. Onika opens up the freestyle with that endearing money talk we all love to hear and follows up with:

"You spent your money but I ain't say I was your boo yet
You got your feelings hurt  I ain't really mean to do that 
I'm just a bad bitch i'm sorry I put you through that" 

Although Nicki Minaj is rather on the private side of her romantic affairs after her public relationship with rapper Meek Mill, we can only assume what the day in the life of a Bad B**ch looks like.
Fans wonder if Nicki's new freestyle is a way for her to make nice with Lil Baby, label member of QC Music, while the silence continues between Cardi B, another QC label mate and Nicki. Or is it just business as usual? Is this a case of a dope artist liking a beat and free-styling over it? Nicki's rant at the end is priceless. The rapper flamboyantly shares how she is ready to drop a new freestyle up until her next project but that's not all. Nicki shares how "good" she is because of her current sex regimen and we aint mad shorty! Comment below and rate "Barbie Drip" below.

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