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(New Exclusive Written Interview) Ciana Pelekai Speaks On Creating Music And Recording Process |

(New Exclusive Written Interview) Ciana Pelekai Speaks On Creating Music And Recording Process

(New Exclusive Written Interview) Ciana Pelekai Speaks On Creating Music And Recording Process

1. How does making music, make you feel emotionally?

Making music makes me have many emotions happy, sad, excited etc.. As a singer I feel like when creating music and the lyrics of a song I would really want to be able to feel it and have great connection with the song. It depends on the genre or feeling of the music, however overall I always have a fun time creating variety of music and performing it for others.
2. What genre of music do you feel you fit in and what genre of music do people try to put you in?

From the start I've always liked R&B, soul, and Motown Records era music. I knew that type of genre was for me, because of the many artists that have inspired me as a singer. For example like Etta James, Temptations, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars. On the other hand, I've had many ask me to do Hawaiian songs. I love singing Hawaiian local music for fun on the side for others to enjoy. I don't mind doing Hawaiian music as well.
3. How long have you been creating music and how long does it take you to write an entire song from start to finish?

I've been singing since I was 4 years old, but I always did cover music from many artists. I struggled with creating my own music, and lyrics. For me as an artist, I have a hard time expressing my feelings in lyrics. I know what I feel on the inside, but I am not able to express it on the outside. Till this day, I am still practicing on how to write music, and my goal is to have an amazing song.
4. Breakdown your recording process when in the studio?

In the studio when recording my song, I actually record the whole song fully through, and after that we start doing line by line, and verse by verse. After perfecting the verses we go straight to the chorus, and perfect that as well. When we are finished with everything at the end we do all the back up vocals, and ad libs.
5. How important is it for you to live life before creating the music?

It's very important to me as an artist I believe we need to cherish every moment in our life, and love each, and everything you do. When you as a person enjoy the things in life, and live your life to the fullest at the end when creating music, you're able to put your moments, and feelings in a song.
6. Give us three fun facts about Ciana Pelekai that the world does not know?

One fact is I was a competitive gymnast for 2 years, Iam a bowler, and was the Team Captain for the girls high school bowling team, and the MVP Player of the year, lastly I played basketball for my first time in high school and made the girls JV team. I was the most improved player.
Ciana Pelekai - Bluff https://soundcloud.com/user-367296721/cianapelekaibluff

Ciana Pelekaihttps://twitter.com/cianapelekai10

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