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Danielle Nichole - N.O Boundaries

Danielle Nichole shines a light
with sultry-melodic vocals on new EP ‘Sentiment’
SICKLERVILLE, NJ – In a world that often feels filled with darkness, Danielle Nichole is on a mission to bring some light. With a voice that has been called “mesmerizing” and anointed,” this New Jersey native is using her natural gifts as a musician to share the light she feels within her to others all around the globe.
Her first project – an eight-song EP called “Sentiment” – was just released in mid-January and already is getting some positive feedback along the East Coast. Working in collaboration with a team of other musicians, Danielle has created a unique sound and style that producer Denzel Hollis said is “beyond anything else out there.” The EP explores the feelings and emotions that come from various romantic relationships, and features Danielle’s vocals in ways that are simultaneously melodic and sultry. And the soulful qualities of her voice pair perfectly with the smooth R&B, ambience vibe created by Denzel.
“It’s a project about feelings from relationships people go through,” Danielle said. “I didn’t necessarily know how to put words to those feelings. I was fortunate enough to have a team around me who helped me, and together we created a vibe and storyline that captures feelings perfectly. On this EP you’ll hear songs about love, heartbreak, and even that low feeling you get when you’re in certain situations and things don’t go your way.”
In addition to Denzel, Danielle’s team consists of songwriters Amanda Stollings, Naydera Pollard and Kierra Scott. Most of them were studying together at Berklee College of Music with Danielle, and formed a bond while exploring new sounds and styles together. Danielle said she grew up singing and has early memories of overcoming stage freight when her mom would encourage her to sing at church. Often times she was so scared she would cry, and those moments over time gave her a sense of defeat. But she also knew that God had given her such a powerful voice for a reason, and making music for the world to enjoy was her destiny. When the opportunity to study music at one of the world’s most prestigious music schools came about, she not only felt affirmed but also knew that more and more opportunities were about to come her way.
“More than anything, I just want to sing,” she said. I feel I can actually touch people’s hearts and even beyond music, my personality will be a light to people. A lot of people can take my generosity and vibe and energy and use it to up-lift their spirits. I’m not just a singer, I am going to also share my light through my music. That’s what separates me from a lot of other people. My voice is not just for me, it’s for other people. And when people tell me how my music connected with them, it makes my day. To know that my voice made them feel better is what it’s all about.”

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