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[New Music] Prince Saul- Swag In My Walk @princesaulmusic

Crown Prince Saul is a Artist and activist from Harlem NYC. Crown Prince Saul became involved with music at the age of 15 where he learned how to DJ. Crown Prince Saul then shadowed his uncle Mark King who had a Record Label. Prince Saul’s Uncle never really gave him a chance to do the music because He wanted Prince to know the industry, but it discouraged Prince and he then turned to the streets and started dealing drugs. Prince Saul eventually ran into trouble with the law. 1 mistake took away 3 years of this young mans life. When Prince Saul came home he became an advocate for young people encouraging Them to do the right thing. Working with people like Iesha Sekou of street corner resources a cure violence program in Harlem, Ashley and Dominique Sharpton of NAN Youth Huddle.

Crown Prince Saul made a song called Back to the shake about 5 years ago because there was a song out with the fake Harlem Shake that was offensive to Harlem This song gain popularity when he re released it in December 2015 on Soundcloud. For the single swag in my walk it was inspired by the haters says Prince. “People consider me a nice handsome guy. As a Handsome black man with Harlem Swag I tend to get hated on for no reason. So swag in my walk let the hater know I see them I pay them no mind but at the same time I do pay attention. Its about the love, at the same time you love Hate is always in the shadow trying to destroy so I Believe that God walks with me so I’m good.”





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