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Goldy Locks, Chaz Ultra, Ranna Royce - "Sumter's Doorstep" (Prod @JonathanHay)

Sumter’s Doorstep” is a song honoring the tragic Halloween 2008 fatal shooting of 12-year-old T.J. Darrisaw. Darrisaw was innocently trick-or-treating with some family members and ended up at a doorstep where Quentin Patrick shot an AK-47 through the door, killing Darrisaw and injuring his father and brother. Patrick didn’t intentionally mean to shoot or kill anyone; he was a drug dealer who thought harm was at his door, which is why he shot the gun. This unfortunate tragedy has changed the Halloween day forever for Darrisaw’s family and friends...and also for civilians of Sumter, South Carolina.

Multi-platinum music producer Jonathan Hay recruited singer Goldy Locks, who was Prince’s protege, along with rappers Chaz Ultra (Lil Windex, DJ Whoo Kid) and Ranna Royce (Riff Raff, Twista) to perform on the song “Sumter’s Doorstep” to commemorate Darrisaw. With the help of Truth Ali (Royce the 5’9”, KXNG Crooked) and Mike Smith (DJ Khalid, Sway Calloway), Hay was able to co-produce the record with sounds from multiple ears.

"Sumter's Doorstep" is a song from forthcoming album Jail Tattoos, which is being released on November 9th through Mike Smith's SMH Records. Jail Tattoos is a concept album produced by Jonathan Hay and Ranna Royce that was recorded in Louisville, Kentucky. The highly anticipated LP features teenage singer Iliana Eve, Yung Bleu, T-Rell, Chris Webby, Sadat X, Slim Jesus, Bubba Sparxxx, Louie Gonz, Bizarre, DutchessQoNY, Tycho Cassini, and DJ Whoo Kid.

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