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MTHH Interview: Arichussetts Interview

Q: What does hip-hop mean to you?
A: It means being a free spirit to express yourself in whatever way you would like

Q: How important is the culture to your everyday lifestyle?
A: Hip hop culture has pretty much branded my lifestyle and made me who I am today.  It has consumed me lol

Q: What's your favorite hip-hop moment?
A: My favorite hip hop moment is probably the 1st time that I stepped on stage and blessed a microphone

Q: Who are your 5 Fav artists?
A: My top 5 would be
Sean Price
Action Bronson
Spice One 

Q: How do you wanna be remembered when its all said and done?
A: I wanna be remembered as somebody that was different from everyone else and just kept it real at all times

Q: What music do you have available now for the public to check out?
A: Right now i have out a mixtape series called Beat Jack Street Smash Vol 1 2 and 3 
    3 albums 
    The Cloud and The Reign 
    Arichussettes for President 
    Self Incriminating 

Q: Do you have anything new coming for 2018?
A: Two EPs coming one with Deebo Mac and one with L.I.T on tha Product 

Q: How can we find you on social media?
A: I can be found as Arichussettes on all social medias

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