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More Than Hip Hop Interview: NTO SPeedy|@NTO_Speedy

How long have u been doing music?  I wrote my first song around 2009-2010.   So about 8 years now.

Has music always been your passion?  I always had a passion for music but I didnt start rapping until I was in my late teens early twenties.  When I was younger I played the saxophone and was in the school chorus in middle school so it's always been a part in my life some way. 

What's the music scene like in Baltimore? Specifically hiphop?  It's a couple people doing there thing in the city and starting to get some good looks.  It's a lot of talent here and I just think its going to take that one person to blow on a global level and put the spot light on the city for the rest of the talented artist here.

How did you get the name NTO Speedy?  I got the nick name Speedy from a couple older guys in my neighborhood when I was 5 after I learned how to ride my bike without the training wheels speeding down the street.  NTO is my team name so I just put the NTO in front of Speedy and made my name NTO SPEEDY. 

What can music fans expect from your upcoming EP All In?  They can expect a project they can ride, vibe, and party with.  

if you could work with 5 artists who would they be and why?   Future because that's probably been my favorite artist the past seven years.  Moneybagg Yo because he has dope content and adlibs.  Drake because he on top of the game and consistenly makes hits.  Jadakiss because he is one of the best lyricist in the game I know doing a track with him will challenge me to write my best sixteen.  2 Chainz because he got bars and is a only child and virgo like me.

What advice would you pass down to the next artist after you?  I would tell them get a solid marketing and promotion plan together before and after they release their music.  

How can the people find you on social media? They can find me on instagram and twitter @nto_speedy and facebook nto speedy. 

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