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East Coast Rap Degenerate Mista Brawley Releases ”Area Codes”

This 21-year-old isn’t your typical rapper. He’s an artist with a lot to offer the music game! Mista Brawley grew up in Easton CT as well as Bronx, New York. Since then, he’s lived in Connecticut, Arkansas, Arizona, and even Massachusetts. His inspiration for music comes from various things including the loss of his father to suicide. Music was a way for him to mask the pain. He is his happiest when creating new material. He has over 50 songs in his catalog.  The single he recently finished is titled, ”Area Codes”. The song was put together by Mista Brawley with production by Anthony Falcone and Origami. The single has a fun, pop feel to it. This song will have everyone fantasizing about the many adventures they can have state to state. The rapper is all about living life with no regrets. When you hear his music, you will hear his wild and raw honesty in his lyrics. Mista Brawley doesn’t believe in flashy jewelry or fancy clothes. He is as real as they come. Baggy jeans, shorts and plain tees is what you can vision him in. If you’re a fan of Post Malone, Chance The Rapper or West Coast rapper Wes Period, then get ready to become a lifetime fan of Mista Brawley. The single is available now on all digital platforms. He is set to appear on a music series,  ”Lyric Breakdown” in fall of 2018.

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