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Shotta Sho - Gettin Dat Bag

Shotta Sho begins major comeback with new EP
BROOKLYN, NY – With no fear to speak his mind and the determination to go after his dreams, New York-based artist Shotta Sho is ready to take on the world. After two years of setbacks after a promising start in the music industry, he’s set to make his dynamic comeback.
The story of that journey is told through his new EP, “Minor Setback for a Major Comeback.” It’s a project that showcases his distinctive sound and catchy lyrics in a way that is making people sit up and pay attention. The combination of east coast hip-hop and reggae roots from his Barbados heritage makes a sound that is truly unique.
“My sound isn’t typical hip-hop,” he said. “Reggae and soul are infused into my music. My sound has an island feel to it – and it’s authentic because I grew up and went to high school in Barbados. That Caribbean music is what I was listening to when I was younger, as well as dance hall and reggae and Calypso. I combine all of those things with hip-hop influences. A couple of years ago I was going good and was on my way, but I got into trouble, which was a setback. I’ve been on a comeback ever since, and this EP talks about what I’ve been going through throughout that process. Now I’m free and this music shows what’s been going on.”
Shotta Sho was born in New York and spent his early childhood living in Brooklyn before moving to Barbados at age 9. From a young age friends and family were always calling him Sho – which is short for his birth name, Shomari. While living in Barbados, he got into a lot of trouble in and out of school – and combined with his love for the movie “Shottas,” he gained the other nickname Shotta. It was during those young years in Barbados that he and his friends started to dabble with music. He remembers fondly sitting around the table with friends, playing beats and coming up with lyrics on the fly. That passion for music never waned, and over the years he has spent a lot of time in the studio perfecting his unique sound and style.
“I want to be known for not being afraid to speak your mind and doing what you want,” Shotta Sho said. “I want my music to inspire people to continue to go after their dreams. No matter what you’re going through, just keep striving for what you want. That’s my story, and I promise you there will be a comeback.”

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