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MTHH Interview: Prin$e Alexander|@ItsPAFromPA

What was your upbringing like as a child?
  • My upbringing was extremely polarizing.  Although i was born in Kansas City, MO, I spend most of my adolence in a small town called Harleysville outside of Philadelphia,PA.  I never was the “cool kid” by any means but i found my way by being “funny” and doing dumb shit to impress my peers. Validation that I surely didn't need as I look in hindsight.  However it was the feeling of being rejected that fueled me even to this day. Being brown after 9/11 surely wasn't easy as a child. Also when you come from small town, people's mindset are progressively backwards , so with my initial push to do music people wouldn't take me seriously because I wasn't “black” or lived up to a stereotypical image of what a rapper should look like.  My biggest weakness turned into my biggest strength as i got older I’ve learned to embrace my culture and truly love who i am. During my teenage years i also lived in Indianapolis, IN which my two cousins and started to go to school there during high school while my dad lost his job due to the economy crash. My story is different from most because i have experienced upper comfortable middle class to almost damn near homeless.  My dad died when i was 18 which literally turned my mom and I lives upside down. We had to start from the bottom. So since that happened I’ve been motivated by not only the privilege to chase such a dream but the dire responsibility to bring stability to my family again.

Do you have brothers or sisters?
  • None, I’m an only child.  I believe it has truly benefited me not having siblings because I’ve learned to become selfish in this game.  I am not greedy when it comes to money but before i can help others, i must establish myself first.

Were there any family members that influenced you to do music?
  • Both of my parents have affected my decision to pursue music in there own unique ways.  I always believed deep in his heart he wanted to be a musician because the collection of music we had in the house was deep.  From Pink Floyd, Prince, Sade, Norah Jones, all the way to Motorhead and Nirvana. My mom on the other hand was more intuned with current pop culture and would always bump artists such as Lil Wayne, Usher and even 50 Cent.  I’m sure our neighbors hated us but every corner of my house was blaring music. I couldn't get away from it and it became a part of me. Also my dad was an Audiophile meaning he was obsessed with the highest quality audio equipment. Our house was literally a warehouse full of speakers, pre amps, amplifiers, and more that I have no idea about.  Funny thing is that it was only after he passed in which i realized I could have actually used a lot of the equipment for my own studio. That just goes to show you that material things are something you can't take with ya to the grave. We had to sell most of the stuff to keep the lights on.

How often do you back home just to get inspiration for your music?
  • I go home all the time.  Everytime i pass my old house it motivates me to get back what we lost! The pain runs deep.

How important is it it for artists to give back to their community?
  • Thats one of my ultimate goals with music.  Giving back to the community is important but I believe how you carry yourself is even more crucial.  Not only would I like to help my community in Philly and beyond but I know i carry a torch for the next generation.  I look up to people like Lebron and The Rock, not because of their success but how they actually handled it. I just wanna be a great role model thats the first step.

What's one thing you wanna get towards your career in music?
  • Other than making a comfortable living with music and cementing my name in this game, i want to be able to help create lanes and a system that educates artists about the industry at a younger age.  I want real musicians to get the spotlight again. Record labels don't take any chances anymore and organic talent but rather hop on something that is already creating a buzz. There are artists that don't have social media but deserve the recognition some of these instagram stars are receiving.

Your latest project Love All Fear None is available now. What's next after this project?
  • What's next is already done.  Im dropping a mixtape in the next couple months that I’m really excited for the world to hear.  I engineered it myself which im extremely proud of and the sounds are completely different than anyone has heard or expected out of me.  It's a vibe for sure.

Do you have any music videos or collabs in the works?
  • Collabs are funny because they never work.  Unless something big comes my way that can benefit me i refrain on collabs because usually I do better on my own.  Im down to work with anyone though as long as they about it! Maybe it's my only child syndrome haha! We shooting videos for “Different” and “Impossible” off ‘Love All Fear None’ shortly.  My guy Stretch Stacks is a beast on the cam he will be doing both of them.

How can current and new fans find you online?
  • They can type on Prin$e Alexander on any streaming platform. For social media my handle is @itspafrompa (Instagram & Twitter).


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