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Janaesound - Diamonds

Portland Based Singer and Songwriter Janaesound Inspires
Fans with New Single “Diamonds”

PORTLAND, ME– Janaesound has an extremely robust musical background, and started her singing career at a very young age. From learning the ropes in opera music to being a part of the children’s chorus, she started to develop a passion for music extremely quickly. As she kept navigating through her own musical journey, she found herself often writing a variety of songs, including those of her peers. Once she decided she wanted to buckle down and make a career out of music, she never looked back. You’ll quickly come to realize how much of a work horse she is. Nothing worth having comes easy, and Janaesound will be the first to tell you the importance of hard work.

Once Janaesound moved to Maine, she opened herself up to a completely brand new market. Shortly after experiencing the death of her grandmother, she decided she was no longer going to be behind the scenes. Immediately, she plunged into the journey head first, and things quickly took off. She continued to perform at festivals in her community, and the positive response from each crowd confirmed she was doing exactly what she was born to do. “At one point, I felt like I had always been in the shadows. Once I started performing, I never stopped.” said the artist. Known for her dynamic vocals, her range goes beyond the average artist’s. She’s all about making “feel good anthems”, and cheering her fans up as she empowers them to overcome struggles and obstacles.

In most recent news, Janaesound released her new single, “Diamonds”, a few weeks ago. The song is a slow-moving, pop rock ballad, and details the obstacles she has overcome in her journey. “I wrote it in a dark period. But the song’s purpose is to encourage anyone on their journey, wherever they are. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so I hope the song inspires people to realize this,” said Janaesound. The song has already raked in over 13,000 streams on Spotify alone in such a short amount of time. It’s also been holding steady on several radio stations in her area, which will quickly make her a household name at this rate.

Due to the song’s overall popularity among fans, she’s already booked more shows, as the demand for her music is hot. Admitting there’s not a huge machine behind her, Janaesound considers the single a huge win. She has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, which is inspiring for any fellow up and coming artists.

Up next, the artist has several more originals on the EP she plans to release by this fall. Janaesound has a goal of rolling things out once a month in order to let the world know exactly who she is. She even has a major show coming up at the legendary New York City Bitter End on September 29th, and plans to release another single on August 17th entitled “Break Me Down.

“My thing is that I’ll never give up. I never stop trying to make someone else smile. There’s so much going on in this business. My special gift is I’m persistent, driven and focused,” said Janaesound. As she continues to keep things moving forward, she refuses to give up. Janaesound can never be outworked.

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